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Show A Little Class

I’m sitting here watching Bad Girls Club…A show that celebrates horrible horrible behavior. Oh sure the show features scantily clad young attractive women and yeah sometimes they fight and okay maybe, just maybe some of their clothing finds it’s way off of their young, supple, nubile bodies as they writhe and struggle until one of the young cat fighters relents and helplessly submits to the will of the other. Wooo, give me a second as I gather my morals… Almost there… Okay, I’m back. Meet me at the next paragraph for some judgmental talk. The show is deplorable! Seriously, what has happened [...]


I Have A Fat Dream!

Ninety eight, ninety nine and one hundred, oh you caught me I was just finishing up my workout…Ok you caught me again I wasn’t working out lets face it, it’s March and I dropped that bullshit New Year’s resolution a while ago. Some of the well disciplined people stuck with it and will be very happy with themselves when Springbreak rolls around and they remove the Winter clothing and receive glowing compliments. If you are a fellow fatass though, such as myself you were doing fine until some pain in the ass co worker came in selling chocolate bars for their kid [...]


Return Of The Death Blog

“Hey baby, I know I’ve been gone a while. I know we were building something and I just up and left you. It was me baby, I was going through some issues, I’m sorry I left but I’m back now baby and I swear, this time I’ll stay. Look at me, you know I love you…Now go make me a sandwich.” – The Ruckus Blog It’s award show season and I’ve been forcing myself to watch all of them. The more I watch the more I realize how out of touch I am with things. I rarely have any clue who the [...]


JB Smoove in Rolling Stone Magazine

  Check this out In Rolling Stone’s latest issue, The Ruckus’s very own JB Smoove was featured as one of America’s funniest and smartest people of the year. Whether it was movie roles in We Bought a Zoo and The Sitter, or his classic portrayal of Leon on Curb Your Enthusiasm, JB was there, keeping a smile on your face. Be sure to check out the latest issue of Rolling Stone to see what Mr. Smoove had to say about 2011 and his impression of  Leon’s influence on pop culture.